William Coltman

If the record of Noel Chevasse is impressive for his double Victoria Cross, even more so to my mind is that of William Coltman, the most decorated serviceman of the First World War.

Coltman was born in a village on the outskirts of Burton-on-Trent in 1891. Despite being a deeply religious man and a member of the Plymouth Brethren, he joined the North Staffordshire Regiment as a rifleman. Read more ›››

Noel Chevasse

Two for the price of one for this week's ABC Wednesday post in the two most decorated men in the British Army during the First World War – and neither of them were fighting men, but both had names beginning with the letter C.

As the only man to win the Victoria Cross twice in WWI, Captain Noel Chevasse is perhaps the better known of the two. Read more ›››


Rickroller of the week: Worse than plagiarising the words of Michelle Obama, Melania Trump was also guilty of Rickrolling when she said of Donald that: ‘He will never, ever give up, and he will never, ever let you down’.

Bargain of the week: A rare Star Wars Boba Fett figure sold for £26,000 at auction which beats the previous record of £18,000 for another Boba Fett figure sold last year. Read more ›››


Eric 'Winkle' Brown

Having written about the life of Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown two days ago, I was taken by surprise by the news that there was a memorial service yesterday at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, the home of the Fleet Air Arm.

I had no idea that this was happening, so perhaps it was appropriate that my own modest memorial should appear the day before. See the Daily Mail to learn more. Read more ›››

Alternate universe

Every now and then I toy with the idea that there might be countless alternate universes, places exactly like this one and yet different in at least one crucial aspect.

The theory goes that each time we make a decision, no matter how small, in another place the opposite course is taken and things turn out differently. Read more ›››

Eric 'Winkle' Brown

Of all the brave pioneers of flight, perhaps the most remarkable was Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown, arguably the greatest aviator who ever flew.

Brown was born near Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1919. His father had been a balloon observer and pilot in the Royal Flying Corps during World War One and he gave his son his first taste of flight at the age of eight when he flew a single-seat biplane with the younger Brown sat on his lap. Read more ›››

Black ice cream

Back in black: After writing about doughnut ice cream cones last week, the latest food fad is the perfect accompaniment – black ice cream coloured with coconut ash. Or if you really want to pile on the pounds, try an Eccles cake burger.

Healthy bad habits: As someone who bit his fingernails as I child, I now know that I was doing myself a favour since this bad habit, along with thumb-sucking, sparks your immune system and prevents allergies. Read more ›››