A deviation from my usual real people subject matter because this week I'm featuring the fictional cartoon character Popeye.

Actually that isn't strictly true. When Elzie Siegal created Popeye back in 1929, he based him on a one-eyed sailor from his home town of Chester, Illinois, a pipe-smoking roughneck called Frank ‘Rocky’ Fiegal. Read more ›››

Grammar Nerd

Grammar Nerd

Roger posted about this grammar nerd sign that his sister had sent o him via Facebook saying: ‘This is you dear brother.’

Like him, my immediate thought was that there should be a comma between the words ‘you’ and ‘brother’, which I guess must mark me down as a grammar nerd, but I thought I should take the test anyway. Read more ›››

Field of Dreams

Leicester City

It must have been a brave man to bet £50 at odds of 5,000 to 1 at the start of the season on Leicester City winning the Premiership, but his bravery ran out in March when he cashed it in for £72,000.

Only time will tell if he's kicking himself if Leicester do pull off the miracle, but it does seem rather likely with just five points needed from three games to bring the club its first ever title. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Eagle Owl

Spring Watch: Follically challenged twitchers are warned not to go in search of the eagle owl that has been attacking bald men in Exeter.

Mercy killing of the week: Scientists at Reading and Bristol universities calculate that 85% of dinosaur species were already in danger of extinction long before the asteroid apocalypse that wiped them out, so the meteor was really a mercy killing. Read more ›››

Empty Nest

Empty Nest

It has been an odd week on the domestic front of the Parrot household. Where there were three, there is only two and we are left with a large son shaped hole in our lives.

Master Parrot moved out last weekend, off to a house that he is sharing with his two best mates. We've known he would be leaving for a couple of months, but it even so, it all happened very suddenly, or so it felt. Read more ›››

Hiroo Onada

The idea of Japanese soldiers continuing the fight long after World War Two ended is something of an obvious cliché, but it did happen and one of the best known of those post-war warriors is Hiroo Onada who carried on his one-man campaign until 1974.

Onoda was born to a family of the samurai warrior class in 1922. His father was a sergeant with the 4th Cavalry Brigade until he was killed in China in 1943. Read more ›››

Mad Dogs

Mad Dogs

My Amazon Fire TV Stick gizmo is proving itself to be pretty well tuned to my tv watching habits, ie irregular and eclectic. Over the last few weeks, I've been watching the Mad Dogs whenever I've had an odd hour to fill.

I was scratching my head over exactly what sort of programme I was supposed to be watching as I made my way through the pilot. Read more ›››

Rod Hull and Parkie

There's a really annoying ad on tv at the moment. Michael Parkinson is sitting in a studio chair and says: ‘I've been asked many times what my number one interview was. Tough question.’

But instead of answering, he goes on instead to try to flog me the Sun Life Direct Over 50s Plan when I'm much more interested in his answer to the original question. (I bet it wasn't Rod Hull and Emu) Read more ›››