The Decent Thing?

Well, he’s done the decent thing, the PM has resigned. No, not TB (unfortunate initials) but Piers Morgan, editor of the Mirror, has gone.

As u-turns go, this was pretty spectacular. Only yesterday, he said there were two hopes that he would resign – “no hope and Bob Hope.” No, I didn’t get it either. I suppose he was right in the sense that he didn’t resign; he was sacked, or “stepped down” as Radio Five Live euphemistically put it.

And the Mirror has issued an unreserved apology, although I couldn’t find anything on their website. Apparently, they were taken in by a “calculated and malicious” hoax. Yeah, right. So elaborate that a two-year-old could tell you that “that isn’t the way that wee-wee works.”

But what happens next? It’s interesting to speculate that should a British squaddie get killed in Iraq, and should the killer put it down to the ‘torture’ inflicted on innocents as shown in the Mirror, would there be a case of the aforementioned corporate manslaughter?

Personally, I’d see Piers Morgan in the dock. High treason is still a crime.

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