Ripper Unzipped

The Daily Mail ran an article today claiming to reveal the true identity of Jack the Ripper for what can only for the third or fourth time this year.

It was none of the four suspects named on the Met Police site. The Ripper Revealed was one James Maybrick, a Liverpool cotton merchant high on arsenic. I’m not sure how you can get high on arsenic, but apparently you can.

The conclusive ‘proof’ is an antique gold watch bought from a jeweller in Liverpool in 1992. It has a series of letters etched inside — M.N., A.C., E.S., C.E., M.K. — the initials of the Ripper’s five victims, and the words ‘I am Jack’ and ‘J. Maybrick.’ Why such a clincher has taken so long to become public is a mystery.

Anyway, there is more on the Maybrick theory elsewhere on the web and the ‘new’ evidence will be published at You can also vote for Maybrick in ‘I’m the Ripper, get me out of Whitechapel by clicking here.

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  • Mosher 23rd November 2004

    Personally, I like "From Hell"'s theory. And it's a damn good film to boot. The extras on the DVD are worth a trawl, too. I really should read the original comic, one of these days.

    On a more fictional leaning, check out "Savage" by Richard Laymon. Possibly his best book.

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