Specialist subject, the bleedin’ obvious

Lady Muck hits the nail on the head, as ever.

  • Newsflash! Saturday: Fantastically old Pope who can’t stand up and has to breathe through a tube, dies. Catholics seem upset.
  • Newsflash! Sunday: Glastonbury tickets sell really quickly.
  • Newsflash! Monday: Charles and Camilla’s nuptials face hiccup.
  • Newsflash! Tuesday: Tony Blair calls election for 5th May.
  • Newsflash! Wednesday: Bear craps in woods.

Had this ‘news’ been true news, it would have read:

  • Newsflash! Saturday: Pope Miraculously Cured. God proves his own existence and yes, he is Catholic.
  • Newsflash! Sunday: Glastonbury Reduces Ticket Prices Again. Fans say they prefer the Proms in warmth and comfort.
  • Newsflash! Monday: Country Welcomes Royal Wedding. Camilla must be new Princess of Wales say 99 per cent of public in latest MORI poll.
  • Newsflash! Tuesday: PM Names June 2006 Election Date. Blair wants to be first PM to serve a full term since… er, can anyone remember?
  • Newsflash! Wednesday: Portaloo Invented by Winnie the Pooh. “How do you think I got the name?”

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  • Jane 5th April 2005

    The Great British Public being kind about Camilla? Glasto tickets at a reasonable price? A PM sitting out a full term?

    Are you on *DRUGS*, SP? (May I have a sniff?)

    Lady M x

  • Shooting Parrots 5th April 2005

    A sniff? A sniff!! Muck by name, muck by nature;


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