Hope it Reigns

As Albion’s Alchemist points out, there’s nothing like a Royal wedding for pissing off us republicans. Actually, they’re more irritating than annoying — all that brouhaha over the middle age couple’s marriage. Still they offer great scope for scoffing, as on Mosher’s blog:

They’re doing a draw at work, and someone asked if I had any idea what horse was going to win on Saturday. “That one with the big teeth, who’s marrying the jug-eared twat” was my reply.

And the most irritating thing of all is not the that the BBC are going to waste three and a half hours worth of my licence-payer’s money to record the event, it’s that Miss P has got me to record it. Where have I gone wrong? She’ll be subscribing to Royalty Magazine next.

So, to make me feel better, here’s another Royal joke then a quick nip over to ThroneOut.

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