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At Son of Groucho’s excellent suggestion, I ran Shooting Parrots through the Internet Anagram Server (the “Great Art“) and came up with “a strongish troop,” “rot a spoon’s girth” and “a pro’s thong riots.” But the most accurate? “So, a night’s torpor.” Nightie, night then.

Meanwhile, I hate Groucho for this bit of Cherie Blair’s foot-in-mouthedness (how could she not miss such an open goal?) from the Sunday Times which was mine, all mine. So I settled for this cartoon instead.

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  • Son of Groucho 2nd October 2005


  • krip 4th October 2005

    My titles too long.

  • Laura 4th October 2005

    At least your anagram made some sense. Mine left a lot of egg on my face.

  • Mosher 7th October 2005

    My other half (before I met her) was on the raz one night and met some basketball players from the "wheelchair olympics". She was utterly plastered and sat on one of their laps.

    After a while, she asked if she was too heavy for him. He replied, "a bit – I can't feel my legs."


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