Pigs and Trough?

The sleaziness and greediness of politicians can be breathtaking, but this story of three politicians in Trafford on £1,000 an hour on top of their usual allowances and expenses is nothing short of asphyxiating. Let’s hope that Dave and his multi-coloured dream ticket can sort ’em out.

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  • Jennyta 20th April 2006

    There doesn’t seem to be anyone in political life any more who is there for altruistic reasons – cynical I know.
    Btw, I’m afraid I have tagged you. Have a look at my blog for further instructions. 🙂

  • Elle 21st April 2006

    Politician’s spouses are just as bad. To claim a hairdresser bill for almost £8,000 (and still look like that) is beyond me.


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