Famous Five

If you have your health you have everything, or so they say. And if you want to keep your health, you should subscribe to the Five-a-Day rule. Easy if you’re into fruit and veg, but a bugger if you ain’t. If the latter, here’s my feelgood alternative:

  1. Cherry Lips
  2. Pineapple Chunks
  3. Fruit Salads
  4. Pear Drops
  5. Sweet Bananas

Sweet-tooth and wellbeing sorted at a stroke.

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  • Jennyta 27th May 2006

    I think you would get on really well with Keith! 🙂

  • Elle 28th May 2006

    I have convinced the children that chocolate is a vegetable as it derives from a bean. It therefore has to be included in the 5-a-day.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 28th May 2006

    I know this might now be a politically incorrect name for confectionery but I can’t believe you missed out “Black Jacks”! Shame on you Mr Freddie!*

    (*Parrot Face Davis)

  • Ellee Seymour 28th May 2006

    What about those little white milk bottles for extra calcium. I guess sugar mice are a no, no.

  • Shooting Parrots 28th May 2006

    Laura: Great reverse psychology, choc as veg, but too late in our case. Master P finished his birthday meal with double-chocolate fudge cake washed down with a mug of hot choc.

    YP: Black Jacks would have been in there, except they don’t include even a whiff of fruit or veg in their name.

    Ellee: Welcome to another PR. I’m unsure about this. The little white milk bottles post-date my childhood and the sugar mice pre-dates it. I must be an in-betweeny!


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