I haven’t checked the stats bit of my website for ages. No seriously, I’m not that vain. The pages are there, take ’em or leave ’em. It’s nice that I average a little over 2,500 visits a day and that the total is heading for 1,000,000 (okay so I could care less), but in the great scheme of things does it really matter?

Anyway, out of idle curiosity I hit the Lycos stats page today and was astounded by the above. There were a couple of spikes last November and I’m not sure why.

There was the rising tide of 3,248 visits on the 19 November hitting 55,340 a day later and 45,332 and 13,232 in the days that followed. Why? When all I was writing about were dishwashers and the environment.

Then there was the mini-spike of 14 October when all I did was talk about the SnapShot website. I really, really don’t understand. If I did I could probably make money!

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  • Jennyta 12th January 2008

    If you find out, let me know. I could do with visiting numbers like that to my counslling website – and then for them to become clients. 😉

  • Mosher 12th January 2008

    Who can understand these internet users? Weird bunch.

    I have had several peaks over time, some of which made sense, some didn’t. It’s interesting checking out the search terms that take people to your pages though. I do need to start putting the Google Analytics code back into my source.

  • Shooting Parrots 12th January 2008

    Jenny: If I knew what it was I would bottle it and make my fortune!

    Mosher: Sorry about tonight’s drubbing. No really, Shay Given is about the only thing between NU and the abyss and he didn’t deserve that.

    But on the visits thing, it’s still a mystery. No common searches, no common referral pages, no bloody sense at all really.

  • Mosher 12th January 2008

    Ah, no worries. Not like it wasn’t expected. At least I didn’t watch it – I just read the humorous commentary on the BBC Sports page.

    Regarding the first goal: "There is a reason it’s called a wall. The one in my back garden does not jump!"

  • J.J 14th January 2008

    Erh, are you sure you didn’t mention wheelie bins at all? That was what sent my stats crazy – and sent me into bloody hiding!


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