For the High Jump

Our daughter arrived back from her few moths in South Africa yesterday. One of the things we were looking forward to seeing was the DVD of her bungee jump off Bloukrans Bridge. Scary.

The gaps in the audio are on the DVD, but the views are spectacular.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 28th September 2010

    Amazing! What a brave daughter you have. Perhaps you could begin a new craze – bungy jumping off the Beetham Tower. Your family would be proud of you. Go for it man!

  • Polly 28th September 2010

    Yes it was brave. When I asked her what it felt like, she paused for a moment’s thought and then said it was like attempting suicide! But I am very proud of her and have promised to repeat the feat — if I ever get to Bloukrans Bridge.

  • Kitten 24th February 2017

    I еnjoy reading a post that will make pople think.
    Also, thаn yyou foг allowing me to comment!


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