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It wasn’t until I woke up to the news yesterday that I knew anything about a by-election in Bradford. Nor that we were about to witness the ‘Bradford Spring’.

A vote swing of 37%, give or take a few decimal points, is pretty impressive by any standards and George Galloway is right when he describes it as the ‘most sensational result in British by-election history, bar none’. But is it ultimately pointless? Read more ›››

Oh what a circus, oh what a show

Pantomime Horse

You know that a Conservative government is either doing something right or something utterly stupid when the Daily Mail editorial is its severest critic. At the moment, it is definitely the latter.

Having made a complete dog’s breakfast of the non-strike by fuel delivery drivers that has resulted in the circus at the petrol pumps, the Mail had this to say: Read more ›››

Crises? What Crises?

It’s a strange sort of news day when the jokey item is about VAT, but that’s what happened yesterday as the confusion and silliness about what constitutes hot food and what doesn’t rumbled on.

After George Osborne was embarrassed for being unable to tell the select committee when he last bought a Greggs pasty, other senior politicos were busily establishing their own fast food credentials. Read more ›››

K is for Wrestling

Kent Walton

No, I haven’t lost my grip on the alphabet. K for me will forever be associated with wrestling as I shall endeavor to explain.

The wrestling I enjoyed watching wasn’t the muscle-pumping, body-oiled, testosterone-fuelled entertainment industry of today. Mine came from a gentler time, although it bore many of the hallmarks of stage management that you see today… Read more ›››

Hands up! This is a sustain!

What does the word ‘sustainability’ mean to you? It’s one that crops up pretty much everywhere these days to the extent that its meaning has been forgotten. It’s become a cliché.

I should say at the start that this thought wasn’t prompted by Roger’s comment yesterday, but by the new planning reforms issued by the government today. Read more ›››

Let Them Eat Cladding

Flipping through the Sunday papers last night, I had check the clocks to make sure I hadn’t moved them forward too much. The news certainly read like I got ahead of myself and to April the first.

Climate change minister *, Greg Barker, has decided that the reason why the icecaps are melting and polar bears are looking for a career change is all down Victorian and Edwardian houses like mine. Read more ›››

Spring Clean

Thesis Theme

It the time of year to clear out clutter, blow off the dust and give things a bit of a polish and I started with my blog template.

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. The coding on my old theme had got a bit bloated, slowing it down, although that was mainly down to me messing around with too many WordPress plugins. Read more ›››

Hello Manchester!

If you click on my portrait of the Queen waving (left), you will see that I have cleverly used a gentle soft focus to flatter her.

In fact, it’s actually out of focus and my excuses are: one, I was using my old pocket camera on full telephoto; two, I was shooting between the heads of the media gathered in front of me and; three, where I was stood was a bit of rugby scrum. Read more ›››

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