Sunday Round-up

Apologies to anyone coming here expecting to read my Sunday Round-up. We have been away this week, partly as a break but mostly to transfer our daughter to her first proper teaching job in London. Loaded cars and loaded questions about her choice of career and venue but what else can you do. Normal service hopefully revived next week.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 26th August 2018

    Your apology is accepted Ian. In which London borough will your daughter be working? Of course some boroughs have better reputations than others. Given her experience abroad she will surely be better equipped than most new starters to swim instead of sinking. Good luck to her!

    • Mr Parrot 28th August 2018

      Ms P is teaching at a large school in Harrow. The children there speak umpteen different languages so her English as a Foreign Language skills should come in handy. She’s already done quite a bit in her training year in Skelmersdale. On the plus side, there a group of them from the same course teaching in Harrow and she and three other girls have found themselves a very nice four-bedroom flat to share. I have every faith that she will do well 🙂

  • Trevor Rowley 26th August 2018

    Is there something wrong with a “proper teaching job”, Mr P? You make it sound like an unwise career choice. And what’s wrong with teaching in London? The job needs to be done, doesn’t it? Those sweet little offspring of ours soon become grown up, don’t they?

    • Mr Parrot 28th August 2018

      You misread me, Trevor. By ‘proper teaching job’ I meant that she is now actually employed as a teacher rather than just a student herself. It will not be easy but then she wouldn’t be my girl if she expected anything less than a challenge.

  • Trevor Rowley 29th August 2018

    But why the “loaded questions about her choice of career and venue,” Mr P?

    • Mr Parrot 29th August 2018

      I see what you mean Trevor although truth be told the ‘loaded cars and loaded questions’ wasn’t meant to be more than a ‘clever’ literary twist. Much as I appreciate the role of the teacher, it is a hard career choice, especially in such an inner-city area. But time will tell.

  • Roger O Green 29th August 2018

    My wife is a teacher. Noble profession.


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