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Sunday Round-up

Bah humbug: One for the Scrooges amongst you – an Anti-Advent Calendar filled with misfortune cookies guaranteed to spread festive gloom. And the black wheat pastry cookies are vegan to boot.

Tasteless: But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – we haven’t reached Halloween yet and the first prize for most tasteless costume comes from the online store forced to remove the Anne Frank costume from its online store. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

You dirty rat: Donald Trump is now being harassed by Trumpy the Rat, a fifteen-foot inflatable caricature sporting Confederate flag cufflinks, a Russian flag on its lapel, and a Trump-style hairdo.

Whoops Apocalypse: Tensions over a possible nuclear attack on Guam by North Korea wound up several notches when two local radio stations accidentally broadcast an emergency civil danger warning. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

I’m getting worried now: It seems to be a be a tradition that the New Yaer should be welcomed in with apocalyptic visions. I mentioned last week that both the US CDC and Amazon were preparing for a zombie apocalypse last year. Now comes news that students at Leicester University estimate that human kind would be wiped out within 100 days with fewer than 300 survivors outnumbered by millions of zombies. Read more ›››

Last Friday, the American intelligence agencies announced that they had ‘high confidence’ that Russia had hacked the Democrat computer system and released embarrassing information in order to promote Donald Trump’s campaign.

There is nothing new in the accusation – Reuters was reporting it back in July – but what is quite interesting is Trump’s team’s reaction to the story. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

First Scrooge of Christmas: The landlord of the Lion and Key pub in Hull has banned anyone wearing Christmas jumpers or fancy dress for the duration of the festive period.

Written in the sky: An unknown pilot is using his plane to make art in the sky for users of the Flightradar24 tracking website. He or she has drawn a flower, a plane and the word ‘hello’ in the skies above Germany. Read more ›››

Trust No One

I was quite a fan of The X-Files back in the 1990s when it was new and fresh. The idea that there were all sorts of paranormal jiggery-pokery going on around us and kept secret by a sinister FBI definitely appealed to my inner conspiracy theorist.

What made it work were the Mulder and Scully characters, the one a believer, the other the skeptic, and there was no jiggery-pokery of there own to get in the way of the plot romantically, at least not until the later series. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Conspiracy of the Week: Thanks to Roger for alerting me to the university professor who believes the Sandy Hook mass shooting was a plot to bring in gun-control, that the children never existed and that the parents were paid government stooges.

This one had passed me by and is bizarre even by conspiracy theorist standards. The professor has now been sacked by Florida Atlantic University. Read more ›››

I take more than a passing interest in conspiracy theories and quackery if for no other reason that I know if read the Daily Mail too often or watch too much television I could well end up believing them myself.

But it seems I am not alone – according psychologist, Rob Brotherton, in his book Suspicious Minds: Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories we are all of us hard-wired to be drawn to the outlandish and improbable because that is the way our brains work as we try to make sense of a complicated world… Read more ›››

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