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C is for Julia Margaret Cameron

Despite discovering photography late in life, Julia Margaret Cameron became the very first celebrity photographer and arguably also the first to treat photography as an art form rather than a science.

Cameron was born Julia Margaret Pattle in Calcutta in 1815 where her father was an official with the East India Company. Her mother was French and her early education took place in France. Read more ›››

N is for Félix Nadar

Félix Nadar was one of the most fascinating characters of the 19th century – bohemian, showman, caricaturist and proponent of powered flight though he was, he is best known as the world’s first great portrait photographer.

Nadar was born Gaspard-Félix Tournachon in Paris in 1820, the son of a printer and bookseller. The young Nadar was studying medicine when his father died and he was forced to give up his studies and seek work as a caricaturist and journalist for several newspapers. Read more ›››

The Pot Dog’s Tale

Yorkshire Pudding posted about a family heirloom yesterday, a silver cigarette case presented to his mum when she married in Delhi in 1945.

It is a link to his past that he clearly cherishes and like many of us, he worries that it might end up in a charity shop or on Flog It! when he’s gone because the memories mean little or nothing to those who inherit it. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Tiny Trumps: We all remember how upset the Donald became when it was suggested that he had unusually small hands (confirmed by Madame Tussauds) so heaven knows what he thinks of the Tiny Trumps meme on Reddit.

Witchcraft: But that Trump meme is nothing compared to the occult attempt to put a spell on him. Read more ›››

To Arms in Leeds

When we weren’t watching a musical in Leeds, we did a great deal of walking around to learn more about a city that neither me nor Mrs P are particularly familiar with.

If you’ve visited Leeds then you will know that it is a city of great civic pride, as you can tell from the Leeds in Bloom tub on the left already planted with cigarette butt seeds ready to blossom in the spring. Read more ›››

Going to the Zoo

We had a family tradition when the kids were younger that we would visit Chester Zoo in the hiatus between Christmas and the New Year. Now they are grown, it is a tradition that lapsed, at least until Tuesday.

Work and other commitments meant that we had to wait until the calendar turned to 2017 before we could all be together for a family outing and off we set. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Jonah of the Week: 73-year-old former SAS trooper, Tom McLean, is planning to cross the Atlantic in the belly of a home-made whale. Nicknamed ‘Moby‘, the 65 foot craft has taken 20 years and £100,000 to complete and McLean’s plan is to sail it to the Azores where real whales congregate just to see what happens.

One that got away: I missed this one last week – Time Magazine named Evelyn Waugh among the top 100 most read female authors and presumably excluded George Elliot for the opposite reason. As one wag commented: ‘When Evelyn Waugh is trending on Twitter, you know that somebody did something stupid.’ Read more ›››


I’ve never really understood the attraction of using your mobile phone as a camera. I appreciate that it is handy to have something always about you that you can capture the moment with, but the pictures are invariably rubbish in my opinion. The limitations of the lens affect quality, but for me it’s the fiddliness of lining up the shot, then pressing the touchscreen shutter while trying to keep the damned thing steady. Read more ›››

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