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L is for Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

T Lobsang Rampa

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa launched himself into the public consciousness in 1956 as the Lama from Lhasa with the publication of The Third Eye, his account of growing up in Tibet, which despite being an obvious hoax became an international best seller.

Among other things, Lobsang claimed to have had a splinter inserted into his pineal gland to activate his 'Third Eye' when he was eight in order to 'see people as they really are and not what they pretend to be'... Read more about Tuesday Lobsang Rampa ›››

K is for Wolfgang von Kempelen

The Turk

Wolfgang von Kempelen was a philosopher, polyglot, mathematician and author, but above all else he was one of the best of those remarkable inventors of automata in the 18th century, one of which baffled the likes of Napoleon and Benjamin Franklin.

Kempelen was born in 1734 in Pressburg, Hungary, or what is now Bratislava, Slovakia. He studied law and philosophy in his birthplace, and then in Győr, Vienna and Rome... Read more about Wolfgang von Kempelen ›››

H is for William Patrick Hitler

William Patrick Hitler

Hitler was a trending name in the 1930s (Adolf was Time Magazine Man of the Year in 1939) but it had become #hated by the early 1940s and unsurprisingly those with a family connection became less proud of their surname.

One such was William Patrick Hitler (aka Willy), a nephew of Adolf, who was living in America when that country entered World War II... Read more about William Patrick Hitler ›››

G is for Francis Galton

Sir Francis Galton

Francis Galton was a flawed Victorian genius responsible for the introduction of forensic fingerprinting, the weather map, the originator of the nurture versus nature debate and of both sane and silly inventions.

He was born in 1822 and was a cousin of Charles Darwin. The two families were very close with the Darwins being the scientists while the Galtons were Quaker bankers... Read more about Francis Galton ›››

English Under Pressure

Can't Write

Im begining to feal that Im definately on a role with all this Inglish spellin, punktashun and grammer stuff. It all goes to pot when you is under preshure.

If you don't believe me, you need to try your hand at You Can't Write Proper English Under Pressure which starts easily enough but soon has a pedant's heart pounding as the time limit speeds up... Read more ›››

Beyond the Shoe


After all these years of finding out what is passing through my clockwork driven thought processes by reading my blog, Mrs P is toying with the idea of starting one herself. It isn’t certain to happen, but we have got as far as choosing possible blog titles and she is leaning towards ‘The Ultracrepidarian’ – or ‘someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about’. Of course neither of us really… Read on...

W is for James Wyld

Vistors' Guide

James Wyld was an eminent Victorian geographer and map maker, Member of Parliament and businessman who also turned the world inside out with his ‘Great Globe’.

Wyld was born in 1812 and named after his father, the geographer royal James Wyld who had introduced the art of lithography to England... Read more about James Wyld ›››