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Racial Stereotyping

We were chatting with Ms P via the wonder of FaceTime™ and got onto the subject of national stereotypes for the places we've visited. Not in a nasty, xenophobic way I hasten to add, but rather the cultural differences and idiosyncrasies that are fond and abiding memories.

For example, in South Africa it was the Capetonians notions of time and the concept of ‘now’. Read more ›››

Note To Self

Finn Russell

I watched the Scotland and England rugby match on Saturday for no other reason than it happened to be on the BBC. Rugby union about too stop start for my tastes and the rules get more arcane every season – I much prefer rugby league.

But I was interested in the shot of Scotland's Finn Russell at the end of the game that showed markings on the back of his left hand. At first I thought it must be one of those strange tattoos that sportsmen are so keen on these days, but then realised it was actually a numbered list of instructions. Read more ›››


Rude Waitress

About the only time I catch onto something that has gone viral is when I catch a dose of the flu, unless I happen to be alerted to it by by one of the blogs I read, and so it was in the case of the rude waitress.

This video in a Chicago fast food spot has swept the interweb apparently, although it passed me by. My own experience in the US is that waiting staff are jolly and polite as a general rule, but I'd pay good money to witness a performance like this. Read more ›››

Moral Turpitude

Gun Control

When we were applying for visas to visit the US a few years ago, I was left scratching my head over whether I was guilty of the sin of ‘moral turpitude’. I was pretty sure I wasn't, but looked it up just to be sure.

It turns out that this is a legal concept covering ‘conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals’ and relieved that I had passed the test, I ticked the no box. But I wonder how many people simply lie? Read more ›››

SkyRest Travel Pillow

It's been over nine years since the Innovations catalogue bit the dust, but I still miss it and all the things it sold that I never knew I needed.

Admittedly, I don't recall ever buying anything, but it was nice to know it was there in case I ever felt in need of a handy portable paper shredder, some snore-stoppers, one-size-fits-all galoshes or a fun fur-lined vibrating golf club cover. Read more ›››

Prudence's Egg

It suddenly occurred to me that I didn't complete the story of Prudence the Duck.

For those who missed my original post, she arrived in pool of our friend's home in Las Vegas one breezy day and stayed for a couple of hours. Read more ›››

Rhodes Ranch

I knew there was something else I meant to post about on our Las Vegas trip - the little place we've invested in as a holiday home.

That's it above with the discreet sign reminding visitors where to turn. Read more ›››