In the 19th century there was a tropical Eden in Central America called Poyais, a land rich in culture and natural resources crying out for settlement.

The problem was, it didn't exist. It was the invention of Gregor MacGregor, the soldier, adventurer and revolutionary who ranks alongside the likes of Bernie Madoff as one of history's most audacious fraudsters. Read more ›››

It doesn't seem two minutes since I was writing about Too Much TV (or TMTV as the programme now think its known) and yet here we are, five weeks later, and its run has ended.

Confession time: I did watch some of it. The bits about the current ‘must see’ tv was worth missing, but I did enjoy the behind-the-scenes stuff, making the sound effect of walking on snow by treading in trays of corn flour or sticks of celery for broken bones. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Oy vey the noo: Jewish people in Scotland (or anywhere else for that matter) now have their own kosher tartan, being a non woollen-linen mix.

Best April Fools: The state news service in Beijing announced that playing April Fool pranks is un-Chinese. Unfortunately they weren't joking. I quite liked the announcement of the SNP's candidate for the London Mayor though. Read more ›››

Busy Busy Busy

This has been a hectic week one way and another. I was with my dad on Monday for my regular visit/shopping trip, then again today for his appointment with the hospital consultant.

His health isn't brilliant and unlikely to get much better, so we will be regulars at the hospital for the foreseeable, in fact we're due back there again next Friday for a bone scan. Read more ›››

Fallen Archers

Helen and Rob Titchener (Louiza Patikas and Timothy Watson)

If you're anything like me, there will be days when you're scratching around for something original to fill up your blog pages, then all of a sudden inspiration will strike from the most innocuous source.

It happened to me the other day as I was driving and listening to the podcast of the Archers omnibus and it occured to me that I hadn't made any mention of the ongoing Rob and Helen Titchner drama. Read more ›››

If you click the photo on the left you will see a remarkable image of one man refusing to conform in a crowd of hundreds performing the Nazi salute in 1936.

It was taken at the launch of the naval training vessel Horst Wessel and the one-man protestor is August Landmesser who had run foul of the Nazi party on account of his relationship with a Jewish woman. Read more ›››

At the bottom of all my posts you'll find a reference to where I've filed it. I like to use fairly generic titles to avoid the list becoming too esoteric, but I must admit that it's mostly for my own benefit so I can refer back to events and ideas more easily.

Having said that, some of those headings do get neglected and so this is by way of making up for my oversight. Read more ›››

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