Nobody’s Prefect

The thing about keeping a personal blog is that you are entirely responsible for its contents. Not just the fact-checking and personal opinions, but also the proof-reading.

We all try our best to get it right, but no-one is perfect and despite having spell-checkers on the dashboard, mistakes do slip through from time to time and some readers are all too ready to set me right. Read more ›››

This week I am departing from my usual ABC Wednesday format by writing about a group of people, rather than an individual, because it allows me one of the few genuine references to ‘Shooting Parrots‘.

Kilwinning is a town in Ayrshire, Scotland, home of the Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers, probably the oldest archery society in the world. Read more ›››

I was idling my Sunday afternoon with a crossword in which the clue for 18 down was ‘untidy in appearance’ (7 letters) the answer being ‘unkempt’ of course.

Unkempt is one of those words for which there isn't a simple antonym. Removing the ‘un’ leaves us with ‘kempt’ which certainly doesn't mean neat or tidy, at least not to the modern English speaker. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Pizza the action: Hampshire-based Tom Gozney has designed the Roccbox, a portable wood or gas fired barbeque that can cook a pizza in 90 seconds and sausages in five minutes and has reached the semi-finals of the Virgin Pitch to Rich scheme.

The bad news is it isn't due for release until September, three months after the end of the UK barbeque season. Read more ›››


Without wishing to state the obvious, isn't laughter a funny thing? I don't mean the actual physical act, but why is it that as a species we find things funny so much that we go out of our way to get a side-splitting laughter stich?

It makes us feel good, of course, which is why the gelotologists spend so much time studying the therapeutic benefits of a good giggle. Read more ›››

Broken Promise

The small town of Promise Falls in New York state must be the US equivalent of the county of Midsomer in the UK judging by the unfeasible amount of murder and mayhem that goes on there.

Linwood Barclay first started writing about events in the fictional Promise Falls in 2007 and hasn't looked back, turning out quality thrillers at the rate of more than one a year. Read more ›››

The idea that the earth is flat has persisted over time, even though the concept of a spherical world has been around since the time of Pythagoras, Aristotle, Euclid and Ptolemy.

It is living proof that for some people, it is easier to believe the unbelievable against all evidence to the contrary, as the 1893 map of a ‘square and stationary earth’ handsomely illustrates. Read more ›››

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