So read the headline in the first edition of the Sun newspaper (sic) following the news that the former boxer Frank Bruno has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act which gives you some idea of the reporting standards of some sections of the media here.

I suppose to be fair, someone spotted the tastelessness of it very quickly and the headline became 'Sad Bruno in Mental Home' but even that hardly shows any great understanding or sensitivity. In fact 'mental home' only reinforces the prejudice that exists when it comes to mental illness. Read more ›››

  The adult world is pretty irrelevant to me. Whether I’m off on my bicycle exploring, lost in a good book, or off with the fairies. I live in a world apart, one full of adventure and wonder and other stuff adults don’t understand. How Old is Your Inner Child? brought to you by Quizilla

How may syllables are there in the word Mum? Wrong. Our kids can manage four.

Scene: Me and Mrs P in the kitchen. Enter number one daughter stage right. Read more ›››

Onward and Upward

For someone with a morbid fear of heights, Pat did a great job of clambering 20 feet up a ladder at the front of our house to fill a hole in the mortar work today. It had been letting in the rain and there is a damp patch in our bathroom. Read more ›››

Ahoy! And Avast Behind!

Ah har Jim lad, today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, shiver me timbers an’ splice me mainbrace. ‘Tis a wondrous life bein’ a pirate, so it is, specially when the sun crosses the yardarm, yo ho ho an’ a bottle o’ rum. A stump fer a leg, a patch o’er yer eye, the skull an’ crossbones flyin’ high an’ parrot droppin’s on yer shoulder. What man cud wish… Read more ›››

On the Carpet

I pass no comment that the RSPCA should find 244 dogs in a three bedroom cottage near Carnforth other than this. We have just two dogs and a house somewhat larger, but whenever we turn round, we forever risk tripping over one of the brutes. Alan and Rosalind Gregson must have spent their entire lives flat on the carpet. Read more ›››

The whole family is a little weary tonight. Work is probably the main reason, particularly for Pat who is up to her eyes, and number one daughter, Bryony, who has been on a work experience placement at Hope Hospital.

But the other reason is that we had a family outing to the theatre last night, and while it wasn't exactly what you would call a late one, we really, really enjoyed ourselves. Read more ›››

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