It has been another unwintery winter, at least until today when I opened the curtains to a very white car park that the night before had been the main road past our house.

Where it came from I'm not sure as it was simply raining hard when I went to bed and not especially cold. And it has showed no sign of stopping, well not until mid-afternoon. Read more ›››

Lost Memories

Some time ago I came across a stack of old postcards in our local church thrift shop and bought them out of interest. My first thought was that they were someone's memories that had passed to the shop counter after their death, but since they are all from the early 20th century, that seems very unlikely.

I suspect that they belonged to a local deltiologist (that's a postcard collector to you and me) and that they had ended up there for the same reason. Read more ›››

Ronnie Hazlehurst is the man behind the theme tunes for many of the BBC's best loved sitcoms and include him for my ABC gallery not just because he fits the letter H, but also for other personal reasons.

For a starters, he was born in my home town of Dukinfield in 1928, the son of a railway worker and a piano teacher. Read more ›››

It's the couch potato's dilemma – what to watch on tv when there is so much to watch on tv?

I've lost count of the number of channels available on cable, not to mention the extra ones I pay for, like sport and films. Then there is pay-per-view, rent a box set, iPlayer, catch-up tv, Amazon Firestick – it seems everyone who would lighten your wallet has something that is the must-see of the moment. Read more ›››

It Pays to Advertise

The blogosphere is a crowded space so how to get yourself noticed? As in the non-digital world, the answer is to advertise.

I've been beavering away at Shooting Parrots for over a decade (should that be ‘parroting’?) mostly for my own amusement, but I've never kidded myself that my witterings are anything more than notes in the margin of events. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

The Red Balloon

Oscar week trivia: Albert Lamorisse, who won an Oscar for best screenplay in 1956 for the classic children's film, The Red Balloon, also invented the board game, Risk, which he originally called The Conquest of the World, only in French.

Get Ethics with Our Ethnics: If the Oscar shortlist got your goat, you can really blow a gasket by visiting Rent-a-Minority which offers ‘a minority for every occasion’. Health warning: May cause terminal indignation unless taken with a healthy dose of satire. Read more ›››

My Treehouse

I live in a tree house because the arctic ice is melting and one day the waters will rise so much that my real home will be swamped. On the plus side, I will then have a sea view and the sound of the waves to soothe me to sleep.

I have furnished it with inflatable furniture in case my treehouse should leak, plus a water bed which is probably a bit superfluous. Read more ›››

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