Snow Fun

I wish I had come across this snowglobe before Christmas so I could have emailed it as a greeting to my friends. It’s great fun. Don’t forget to give it a shake.

The company that developed it, E-tractions, does some other fun stuff. I wasn’t very good at Beach Football, but enjoyed it nonetheless, and had more joy with Game Changer. Read more ›››

The Greasy Pole

I’ve never quite worked out why people become politicians. You then spend your life being slagged off for being (mix and match) a. dishonest; b. corrupt; c. disloyal; d. grafting; e. power-crazed; and the f-ing list goes on.

Admit it, would you subject yourself to that degradation day after day? Read more ›››

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Metcheck is a brilliant site. Pat logged on tonight to check on the predicted snow about to hit the UK. It will arrive by nine o’clock, it said. Sure enough, at five minutes to thge hour, I was driving through what passes for a blizzard in these parts.

I was collecting Master P from his twice weekly combat class at Cobra Freestyle. (This by way of warning of what to expect if you come calling unannounced at 3am at chez nous – Master P is a big bugger!) By the time I was dropping his mate off, my car was doing scary pirouettes on the ungritted side streets, but we got home safely. Read more ›››

An Okay Joke

Despite having some Scottish ancestry, I completely missed the fact that it was Burns Night last night, but in honour of the event, enjoy this joke:

An Englishman is being shown around a Scottish hospital. Towards the end of his visit, he is shown into a ward with a number of people with no obvious signs of injury. Read more ›››

Make the Most of Your Mac

For many years, the only PC I would contemplate was a Mac. I got my first in 1986, a Mac Plus which I think I’m right in saying had a one meg hard disk, but it still ran Pagemaker so that suddenly, decent presentation was possible without having to go to a graphic designer all the time. WYSIWYG was the wonder of its day.

I managed to resist our IT department’s blandishments to switch to a Windows PC for many years, arguing that Macs were the industry standard in printing, but I finally relented a couple of years ago and now work on a Sony Vaio. I still get to use Macs at home because my wife’s business uses them, but I do miss that friendly, helpful screen and the ease of use of the Mac system when I’m at work. Read more ›››

What’s In Store

I can’t wait for Morrison’s takeover of Safeway, the latter being the nearest store to where I live. They have successfully combined being the most expensive while failing to make the profit to employ enough staff to man (person?) the checkouts.

I was in there today and my heart sank as I approached the lengthy queue at the ‘nine items or fewer’ aisle. (Personally, I think ‘nine items or less’ is not so clumsy, but apparently it is technically incorrect.) Read more ›››

Making a Sow’s Ear out of Silk’s Words

The article by Robert Kilroy-Silk criticising Arab states has thrown both liberal and conservative thinking into a spin of ever decreasing circles. What is more important, the right to hold an opinion or the feelings of those offended by them? I don’t claim to be any great shakes as a philosopher, but the most sensible article I’ve read on the subject is on the BBC’s website. Written by Julian Baggini, author of Making Sense: Philosophy Behind the Headlines, it neatly captures what has been going on here and should be compulsory reading for all leader writers. Read more ›››

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