This blog was never intended as a really personal account. As in details of my family and friends who I wouldn’t want to expose to the harshness of the web. But for once, I’ll let that slide. No names, no pack drill.

My daughter finished school today, apart from exams and then on to college in autumn. It doesn’t seem a moment ago that I was taking photos of her on her first day at primary, and there I was tonight doing the same thing as she was ready to leave for her prom. Read more ›››

State of play

I’m not one of those who gets too paranoid about state interference in my life. My experience is that no matter how sophisticated the control system, the more incompetently it is run. But every now an then, you spot something that makes you wonder if the crackpots might have a point, like today’s headline that the government wants to introduce a law to make the questions on phone-in competitions harder. Read more ›››

Purple Patch for Tony

Having a day off work, I thought I’d listen to Prime Minister’s Questions on the radio this afternoon. (What a saddo!) It’s usually good for a bit of a knockabout between TB and the oily leader of Her Madge’s opposition, but today’s session was even more eventful than usual when a couple of protesters from Fathers-4-Justice chucked condoms full of purple stained flour at Tone and Gordon (Bennett) Brown. Read more ›››

Smugness is as smugness does

A new look for the ‘Parrot.’ Thought I would take advantage of the templates from Blogger site. I’m not totally convinced about the black look and the new template still needs some tweaking. I’m even less convinced by the personal profile section – why is me being a Scorpio important, unless you’re Mystic Meg?

I went to church this weekend, not once but three times. No, I haven’t been given some bad news by the doctor, and so rediscovered my faith in God. The church in question is the Church of Fools, a three month experiment by Ship of Fools and the Methodist Church.

Not everyone agrees with this idea, of course, but personally I think it a bold attempt to move with the times. Read more ›››

The Decent Thing?

Well, he’s done the decent thing, the PM has resigned. No, not TB (unfortunate initials) but Piers Morgan, editor of the Mirror, has gone.

As u-turns go, this was pretty spectacular. Only yesterday, he said there were two hopes that he would resign – “no hope and Bob Hope.” No, I didn’t get it either. I suppose he was right in the sense that he didn’t resign; he was sacked, or “stepped down” as Radio Five Live euphemistically put it. Read more ›››

Told You So

I know I shouldn’t say it, but I have, so there you are. The photos in the Mirror allegedly showing British troops in Iraq were a sham. The bloody truck hadn’t even left England.

Not that Piers Morgan or the Mirror would ever admit it. In fact, they are now ducking the bullets behind weasel words, saying the photos were representations of events, rather than an actual record. So how does that work then? A lie to prove a truth? Excuse me while I turn off the pseudo-philosophy alarm. Read more ›››

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