Plan D

You would think with all the Christmases I've seen that I would have got the hang of the festive season or at least its immediate aftermath, but apparently not.

On Tuesday we had the bright idea of taking a trip to the cinema. Had this involved Mrs P I dare say the planning would have been more precise but as it was just me and son and daughter things were rather vague. Read more ›››

Isoroku Yamamoto

I have written about Isoroku Yamamoto, the 'mastermind behind the dastardly sneak attack on Pearl Harbour' in 1941 but in this, the 75th anniversary year of those terrible events, it is apt to repeat my post.

Born Isoroku Takano in Nagaoka in 1884, his first name translates from the old Japanese as the number 56, the age his schoolmaster father was when his son was born. Read more ›››

Christmas Round-up

I wish it could be Christmas every day: The self-proclaimed Mr Christmas who has celebrated Christmas every day of the year for 23 years vowed to quit the habit last year but quit quitting after just two weeks.

Bad Santa: Father Christmas has landed himself in trouble for promising a seven-year-old boy a £400 Lego toy that his mother can't afford. Read more ›››

Lightning Conductor

It has been a busy few days in the run up to Christmas what with shopping to be done, gifts to be wrapped and delivered etc and, of course, darling daughter arrived home from Japan on Thursday much to the delight of Mrs P and me.

The three of us had a trip into Manchester today to enjoy a meal and the Christmas atmosphere before heading to the Bridgewater Hall, home of the Hallé Orchestra, for their Christmas at the Movies concert. Read more ›››

X is for Father Xmas

As mentioned above, certain letters are getting harder to fill and none more eXasperating than X. So given the time of year I decided what better that to resurrect my post about Father Xmas.

The Father Xmas I have in mind is not the Coca-Cola swilling, red-coated fellow in his speed of light sleigh, but rather the English Father Xmas who has quite different origins to St Nicholas and Santa Claus. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

No Wonder Woman: There is one less woman in politics after Wonder Woman was sacked as an honorary UN ambassador.

She was meant to front a female empowerment campaign but an online petition complained that a ‘large-breasted, white woman of impossible proportions’ was not a suitable symbol of global equality. Read more ›››


A new toy turned up on my doorstep yesterday in the shape of one of those Amazon Dot gizmo. It came free with my subscription to The Telegraph which I took out over a month ago and I'd almost forgotten about it.

For the uninitiated, the Dot is the little brother (or sister) of the larger Amazon Echo and does all sorts of things from giving weather forecasts, answering trivia questions, playing music and reading audio books to controlling your lights and central heating. Read more ›››

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