To blog, or not to blog?

Blogging? Not a very elegant word, but having read (and enjoyed) quite a few blogs, I decided it was time to add my own musings to the web. So why “Shooting Parrots”? Well, primarily because it seems you need an odd title for this blogging mularkey.

The story behind it goes back some years when we were taking our kids to Clayton Vale, a country park in east Manchester. It was once the industrial heartland of the area, but now it is a strip of green, running from the city centre to Ashton-under-Lyne, either side of the River Medlock.

As we dropped into the valley, I told my wife that I used to drive that route in my youth, to collect a friend to go parachuting at Cark in the Lake District. Several minutes passed, and I was parking the car, when my then five-year-old daughter, Bryony, piped up from the back seat.

“Well, I think that’s cruel.” Me and Mrs P looked at each other rather nonplussed.

“What do you mean, sweetheart?”

“Shooting parrots,” she said. “That’s very cruel.”

Parents even more nonplussed. Then the penny dropped. Parachuting = parrot shooting to a five-year-old!

Out of interest, I searched Google for the phrase “shooting parrots” and up popped this site. Wasn’t that worth waiting for!

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