A Doll of a President

I was amazed to read in the Manchester Evening News yesterday that you can buy a George W Bush action figure in the US for a cent under $30. At just over a foot high, you simply “press the button on George’s back to hear him say 17 powerful and patriotic phrases” although it doesn’t specify in which part of the doll’s anatomy they have placed the speaker!

Obviously I’ve led a very sheltered life because a Guardian article from April 2002 reported that a doll of Osama Bin Laden was out-selling one of Tony Blair. Then I found a more recent Tony doll which has a clip of him addressing the US Senate and House of Representatives in July.

It is somewhat disturbing that the site should offer playthings under the heading of “friend or foe” so as well as TB, there is also Le Worm, Herr Shroeder and Comrade Putin available on the same page.

I guess the talking ones could be quite amusing, but what do you do with the silent ones? Use them to brief Action Man on his next mission in the war against terrorism? Or take Barbie out on a date? Come to think of it, the latter would be more than appropriate for the Bill Clinton doll!

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