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So Alastair Campbell is to leave 10 Downing Street. (See BBC) Personally, I’ll be sad to see him go. For one, he showed that the unelectable can be made electable through sheer will and application, and just because he used ‘spin’ to achieve it does not mean that he didn’t have sincere belief in the causes and policies he espoused. Indeed, I would go as far as to say that spin can only work if you truly believe in the arguments you are putting forward.

Ultimately, he has left because of the constant attacks from the media, particularly the Daily Mail. Of course, they have their own political agenda, which is to reflect back the views of their readers for understandable commercial reasons, but I think in this case, jealousy played a part. They hated Campbell because he was smarter and tougher than they were, and perhaps because they also recognised that his worldy pragmatism was driven by deeply held principles that they either lacked or offended their own world view.

It is a sad day. The UK’s political landscape will be a greyer place without him.

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