Mood Swings

How moods can change. As I wrote my last post, the sun sneaked away to be replaced by threatening clouds. Not downhearted, I looked forward to watching footie on TV, only to see my beloved Man U fall to a late goal at Southampton. Then Man City managed to throw away a 1-0 advantage to lose 2-1 to bloody, bloody Arsenal. Am I depressed? Just a smidgin.

But if I’m unhappy, imagine poor Ma Lihau of Beijing who attempted to break the domino toppling record, only for a cockroach to bring her first day’s work crashing down. But she was ultimately successful. Perhaps I should take that as a parable for the football season.

The upside for MU is that keeper Tim Howard was excellent and certainly kept us in a game we never looked like winning. Which reminds me, what do Arthur Conan Doyle, Julio Inglesias and the Pope have in common? They were all goalkeepers. Julio played for Real Madrid until a car crash ended his career and he started another, Pope John Paul was an athlete in his youth and A C Doyle kept goal for Portsmouth, who have just arrived back in the top division.

You see, I’m feeling better already.

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