Peace in Our Time

A very pleasant sunny Sunday morning in Stockport. And complete silence, the reason being that my wife and kids have taken themselves off to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We had three all day passes left from our previous visit a couple of weeks ago and they had to be used before the end of the season. The original idea was to go tomorrow, but Pat had too many work commitments.

I must say, you can’t beat a day in Blackpool and I hope the Valhalla ride (our favourite) is working this time. It is a water ride in the dark with great effects – howling winds, freezing ice mists, tunnel of water and walls of fire to dry you off because believe me, you do come off this ride very, very wet.

Blackpool has this great deal on offer – you give us lots of money, and we’ll show you a fun and tacky time. I’ve going there since I was a child and when we do, there has to be the pilgrimage to Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the pub where my nana and grandad would retire to of an evening while we grandlings were packed off bed in our B&B.; They do a nice pint of Thwaite’s dark mild there.

Depending on how Pat is feeling by the end of the day, they may drive through the famous Illuminations which were switched on on Friday. They also might get some of the best ice cream in the world from Natoriani’s (hope I’ve spelt that right) which is on Dean Street, I think, or at least the street facing the windmill off the promenade. I’m beginning to wish I’d gone with them!

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