In at the Deep End

Brilliant news that the old Victoria Baths in Longsight has won a BBC poll as the building most worth renovating by viewers of their Restoration programme. It is a great triumph for the Friends of Victoria Baths who have been campaigning for years for it to reopen. However, before we get too excited, the £3.5 million will only pay for the restoration of the turkish baths, and not for the swimming pool which will cost an awful lot. But it is a start.

I thought all the potential candidates for restoration were worthy projects and it is a pity there can be only one winner. I did my bit by voting on Friday, but I did wonder how a closed bath house not yet 100 years old in a working class area of Manchester would fare.

My interest in family history makes me a sucker for these sorts of project, such as the Portland Basin Museum and Quarry Bank Mill. They really give you a feel for how my ancestors lived, worked and played, particularly in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Manchester Evening News has published a collection of old photos of the city and I must remember to get my hands on a copy.

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