I was listening to Allan Beswick on GMR on my way to work this morning and he had a wonderful rant at the Daily Mail. He said that he was shocked by the front page headline about Frank Bruno (see yesterday’s posts).

It read, “Divorce, dope and despair — three body blows that felled a very British hero.” It wasn’t “divorce” that amazed Allan, nor “dope.” Nor “despair,” not even “very.” It was the “British hero” bit that stunned him.

The Daily Mail is, of course, rabidly anti-immigration, illegal or otherwise and for them to admit that Frank, descendant of a West Indian immigrant could be considered both British and a hero is either a step in the right direction or blatant exploitation of Frank’s mental health problems. I suspect the latter, but Allan reckoned that perhaps the DM had accepted that their definition of Britishness didn’t mean being a white, wealthy fascist.

Extrapolate that argument said Allan and maybe the DM could come to accept more immigration on the grounds that in one or two generations time, we might have more “British” heroes.

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