Driving me Mad

A woman who lives opposite us had a nasty accident last night. She was turning into her driveway and the driver of the car behind obviously wasn’t paying attention and ran into the side of her car. It was pretty smashed in and they couldn’t open the driver’s door. Luckily, she didn’t appear to be injured.

The problem is that we live on a busy main road and even though it is almost entirely a residential area, people drive way too fast. I have to reverse into our drive. The alternative would be to reverse out into the road which as you can imagine from the above would be somewhat hazardous.

I always indicate well in advance that I’m about to pull in. My reversing and brake lights signal my intentions, that I’m going to wait until the road is clear before I manoeuvre, and yet you’d be surprised at how angry this makes some people — flashing headlights, horns blaring and rude gestures. For parking sensibly on my own drive.

What is it about being behind the wheel of a car that turns otherwise sensible people into raving maniacs? Rude, impatient and unpleasant.

Come to think of it, most of the things that irritate me are to do with driving. Like the middle-laners, people who plough on remorselessly in the middle lane of the motorway regardless of how light the traffic is. It’s like they’re driving a Scalectrix car.

Then there’s 4x4s. Have I missed something? Is there a separate Highway Code for these people? A code with just one rule, “I do whatever I want to.” Usually found parked on the kerb outside schools, forcing kids to pass on the road.

People who park in the spaces reserved for people who are disabled or with young kids, even though they are patently hale and hearty and/or their “kids” are hulking teenagers.

Fog-lighters, people who drive with the front fog lights on ALL the time. They think it makes them look cool and sporty. It doesn’t, of course. It makes them look like inconsiderate prats.

Boom-boomers, people who love their music so much they just HAVE to share it with everyone. There you are sitting in a line of traffic listening to the news when a car pulls alongside and deafening noise fills your space.

Queue Jumpers. It is so, sooo vital for these people to get one or two spaces ahead in the queue. You know the plot. Two lanes of traffic coming down to one, the white bendy arrows telling you to move inside. but there is always someone who has to push it all the way on the outside so they can get home a few seconds sooner.

Light jumpers. You’ve been there a hundred times. Patiently waiting to turn right at lights, oncoming traffic moving okay. Green goes to amber, on they come, amber to red, and still they come, leaving you stranded. How desperate can they be to join the traffic jam up the street?

That was quite cathartic!

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