The Joy of Sects

I’ve just been listening to a chap called Danny Wallace who had the brilliant idea of starting his own sect. It started with an ad in Loot that simply said “Join me – send a passport photograph” … and someone did. Soon Danny had a rapidly growing following.

His problem was that his followers wanted to know what it was they were actually going to do and pressed him for an answer. He toyed with the idea of using his sect for mischief, but then opted for niceness.

All his followers are asked to do is to carry out a random of kindness for a strangers, particulary every Friday in what he likes to call ‘Good Fridays.’ 10,000 plus good turns so far!

In a selfish and cynical world, I think this is a terrific idea. It appeals to my personal belief that you shouldn’t return a favour, you should pass it on, a sort of reverse or possibly converse philosophy to mal y soit qui mal y pense. I like it.

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