The Kiss

The long trailed and much hyped, Todd Grimshaw’s smackeroo on whatisname in Corrie was more than a let down. I carry no flame in either direction, but what was the point? A fleeting brush of lips, whatisname all offended? What does it tell us?

Not a lot. Not when compared with the church’s debate on homosexuality. That great bastion of morality that is collapsing around its own ears on the subject. And does anyone care? No.

I am not a practicing Christian, but there is enough of those teachings inside me that tell me several things. One, that Christ had worse things to worry about than homosexuality, like oppression and corruption and the hereafter. Two, that there are greater sins in the world than enjoyment, like death, war, famine, disease and corruption (again). Third, that the saidcalamitiess are better to be the ones to be fought over than any of those that the present church can think of.

I said I was a Christian. Probably true, if what you mean by that is being understanding and accepting of people who aren’t. The debate I heard today was the reverse.

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