“How much are the bay windows, Maureen?”

They’re always giving something away at Piccadilly Station. On Friday, it was Bailey’s Glide which is a sort of thinned down version of the famous Irish Cream (be prepared to prove that you’re a responsible drinker to enter this site – tight security, I don’t think). They say that it’s longer and not as strong, but then it would have to be if you drink it by the bottle, rather than by the glass. I passed on that one.

Today it was Jacob’s Jaco Bites. Little snacky biscuits in Blazing BBQ, Passionately Pizza and Tempting Tandoori flavours. You can vote for your favourite online. Mine is the pizza variety. Kim King obviously rates them.

Now while I can understand why companies do this, I have never understood why salespeople lurk by supermarket exits and ask “double-glazing, sir?” Presumably this technique works or they wouldn’t waste their time doing it, but who are these people who have double-glazing on their weekly shopping lists? Do they ask shelf-stackers, “S’cuse me, which aisle are the conservatories on?” I think there’s material for a behavioural sciences thesis here.

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