Wizards of Oz

Well Oz, what happened to the expansive running game? Not much sign of it this morning/evening as you were crushed by the might of the English pack, the running of Jason Robinson and, of course, the boot of Jonny Wilkinson to take the Rugby World Cup.

But just to prove that us Poms can still whinge in victory, I thought the ref (Andre Watson) gave some awful decisions. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear he had a bet on the Aussies.

The defining moment in the game wasn’t Jason Robinson’s try or Jonny’s drop goal 26 seconds from time, it was when 6′ 4″ Lote Tuqiri burst through on their right wing. Between him and Wallaby glory stood 5′ 8″ Jason Robinson, one of the smallest men on the pitch, but he tackled the giant Tuqiri to prevent a cast iron try. For that reason and for his try, Jason is definitely my man of the match.

And now we have to watch Man U vs Blackburn. Saturdays don’t come much better than this one.

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