Losing It

The funniest part of England’s victory on Saturday was the presentations to the Australians. It wasn’t that I enjoyed seeing some Aussie disappointment (okay, maybe a little bit), it was the manner in which it was done. Dr Syd Millar, chairman of the IRB, haphazardly hung the medals round the necks of the first few players, and by the end of the line he was more or less chucking the medals at them. You could almost hear him saying, “Put the bloody things on yourselves!

I wish I could find some images of this on the web to link to, but no joy. Apparently he said that it was because he was pushed for time, but I don’t buy this. The Aussies really know how to put on a show (for which they deserve congratulations) and I’m sure they would have timed everything to perfection.

Mind you, I can understand how the Wallabies must have felt. Hanging around for a losers medal when probably all you want to do is get down the pub and drown your sorrows. I can’t remember which England player it was who when asked what he’d done with his losers medal from the 1991 final when Australia beat England 12 – 6 said that he’d thrown into the Thames!

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