Quintessence of the Loon

One of the reasons I set up my own links pages is that I’m useless at using the favourites button in IE. Either I forget to bookmark interesting or useful sites because I’ve become absorbed by the content or when I do remember, I don’t open my favourites to remind myself they’re there.

Quintessence of the Loon is a good example. This site is really good source for finding the more (how do I put this?) … bizarre web content, such as Anglegrinder Man and some bloke who believes mankind is actually evolving backwards. There the link has sat, untouched and unloved, in my favourites box months after I saved it.

The site has been maintained by Australian Peter Bowditch since 1998 and his selection criteria are worth a read. He has been away for some months, but now promises updates on the first and third Friday of the month. Peter is also responsible for the Millenium Project (deliberate misspelling – explanation on the opening page) which further debunks more www lunacy.

And now, while I think about it, I’d better add them to my links page!

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