Man Management

One of the more bizarre stories this week was that South Africa rugby coach, Rudolf Straeuli, management style was to get the team to crawl naked through the bush while he videoed it so they could all watch it together later. He claims his unusual training regime was part of a team-building exercise, although sounds more like an outlandish fetish to me. In any event, it didn’t work as the Springboks were beaten 29-9 by New Zealand in the quarter finals of the RWC and Rudolf has been forced to resign.

My worry is he might have started a trend. Our lot are big on the latest management techniques and we have an away-day planned for next week so that we can bond with the people from the organisation we are merging with over the next few months. The prospect of dragging my vitals across gravel doesn’t really appeal! Mind you, there are one or two here who I wouldn’t mind having to wade naked across the Irwell.

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