Dark Light

About a month or so ago a strangely shaped parcel dropped on the mat. It came from Powergen, I think. I may be doing them a disservice, but if not then a plague upon their house.

The first bit out of the box could be useful – a carbon monoxide detector. I’m quite up for that, assuming that we switch on ancient gas fires, which we don’t. Except at Christmas, so if you hear nothing from me after Boxing Day, fear the worst.

However, it was the strangely-shaped glass thing that worried me most. The energy-saving light bulb.

Not ones to miss a freebie, ours was installed at the top of the cellar stairs where it can’t do much harm. Did I say that? Flick the switch and there is at least a half second delay before it kicks in and the first step becomes a leap of faith.

And the light from the light itself? Orange and mournful. If you ever feel that you are too happy, fit these and you will soon be depressed again.

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