Echo, echo, echo

Forgot to mention the Christmas prezzies. Lots of good stuff, but pride of place to the DAB radio. The sound is brilliant and I love being able to tune into the extra channels, like BBC 7 to listen to good stuff now denied us, such as Round the Horne.

But DAB has its downside (okay, so I’m the one to point it out.) Why is that digital lags a second behind radio? Our new set lives in the kitchen, but if it’s on, and I’m in the living room with the ‘ordinary’ radio on, it’s like living with a permanent echo.

Now while that is an inconvenience, it could have terrible consequences. What if I were a bomber pilot in WWII and set my wristwatch by DAB? I could be a second out when dropping my bombs over Germany, and I could have hit a hospital instead of a munitions factory.

Come to think of it, that might explain a few things. It’s all a plot! The lunar landing, the Bible Code. God help us, DAB is just another tentacle in the Illuminati theory!

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