‘Tis the Season

Bloody hell – over two weeks since my last blog. This suggests one of two things. One, I’ve had such a blindingly good Christmas that I haven’t had the time; or two, my life is otherwise so empty that I have nothing better to do than blog. I suppose it’s been a bit of both.

We have been to various parties, had people round etc, but the highlight of the holiday has been seeing The Return of the King. Twice. There’s no point extolling the virtues of the LOTR movie project because a) Barry Norman is much better at that sort of thing than I am (oops – it’s Jonathan Woss these days, isn’t it); b) there are no words to describe how epic these films are; and c) if I did, I have this unerring knack of choosing non-LOTR people when waxing lyrical, and there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be the case now, gentle reader.

But I have to say, LOTR is a bloody awful book to read and despite several attempts, I have never managed to stay the course. How it managed to be number one in The Big Read is beyond me.

What I did learn is that you have to be careful where you watch Return of the King. Three hours plus is at the outer edge on the bum-numbing scale. Especially if you have to endure 25 minutes of ads and previews before hand, as we did at the Filmworks in Manchester. We managed to avoid that at the new Cineworld in Ashton, mainly because the ATM managed to bugger up our pre-booked tickets. This resulted in a minor skirmish with the ‘management’ which these days means an extended grunting contest with an 18-year-old Orc.

So what else is new? Well, for a start, my PC had died. No, not the one I’m writing this on, but the ancient Tiny we rely on for ‘home’ use. It’s all Max’s fault. Too many new games for Christmas. Why he should want to run them on ‘Tortoise’, I’m not sure, but there wasn’t enough memory and I had to uninstall some unused programs to make room. Somewhere along the line, I managed to delete a .DLL file, so when I fire it up, it strangles itself on its own binary logic.

Happy bloody new year!

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