Diamond Geezer

I had this notion that after I died and been cremated, I would instuct that my ashes should be tied to a big rocket firework and be shot off into the night sky. Going out with a bang, as it were. But today I read about this family who are having their deceased father’s ashes made into diamonds.

This service is offered by US company, Lifegem, which is now opening in the UK. Basically, what they do it take the ashes of your loved one, extract the carbon and subject it to great heat and pressure to create a diamond or diamonds. The longer the process, the bigger the diamond. Prices range from $2,499 for a small 20 to 29 carat rock to $3,999 for a whopping 90 to 99 carats.

Now that really appeals to me – hanging around to haunt my kids through a ring or a pair of earrings or something.

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