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I can’t wait for Morrison’s takeover of Safeway, the latter being the nearest store to where I live. They have successfully combined being the most expensive while failing to make the profit to employ enough staff to man (person?) the checkouts.

I was in there today and my heart sank as I approached the lengthy queue at the ‘nine items or fewer’ aisle. (Personally, I think ‘nine items or less’ is not so clumsy, but apparently it is technically incorrect.)

I decided to clock it. Twelve and a half minutes from joining the queue to leaving it. And this is advertised as an ‘express lane.’ (Is this actionable under trades descriptions?)

So why do I do it? One reason, and one reason only. Safeway is one of the few places that sells my favourite cans of Thwaites’ Draught Mild. Except Morrison’s who are 50p cheaper. Roll on the shopping revolution!

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