Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Metcheck is a brilliant site. Pat logged on tonight to check on the predicted snow about to hit the UK. It will arrive by nine o’clock, it said. Sure enough, at five minutes to thge hour, I was driving through what passes for a blizzard in these parts.

I was collecting Master P from his twice weekly combat class at Cobra Freestyle. (This by way of warning of what to expect if you come calling unannounced at 3am at chez nous – Master P is a big bugger!) By the time I was dropping his mate off, my car was doing scary pirouettes on the ungritted side streets, but we got home safely.

Predictably, Max gathered snow from mum’s car to create a large snowball to take into the house to threaten his sister with.

I tell you the boy’s mad, completely barking. Having showered, and in his jim-jams and dressing gown, he then went around and rolled about on the (now vanished) lawn.

Jack the dog loved it. Nipping, diving and generally misbehaving.

Was I ever as stupid at that age? Probably. Once. Or maybe twice. Oh, all right, quite a lot!

Speaking of snow, I was delighted to hear that LOTR: Return of the King is swamping the Oscar nominations. I can see you are not following this segue – think snow and the stunning New Zealand scenery of the film. Perfect Middle Earth.

And, before you start, I’m not a Tolkein groupie. I’ve tried reading LOTR several times. Great plot, but turgid writing, in my opinion, which I’m happy to say is far from humble and often wrong. I could never get past the first 50 pages, but then Hobbits are a silly bunch, best left unexplored.

Okay! Okay! So they are brave and true and they save Middle Earth. But they remain pretty dull.

I haven’t seen Cold Mountain, so I can’t comment on how good or bad it is, but it would be sad not to see the LOTR trilogy recognised. LOTR is an epic in the way that we haven’t seen “epics” since the 60s. Back then, that meant very long, very expensive films (Lawrence of Arabia et al) but LOTR is different in that they filmed the whole lot at one go. Who said Hollywood is risk averse?

Meanwhile, fingers-crossed, we get snowed in tomorrow. If we do, it may give chance to rant about tonight’s vote on university tuition fees!

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