The Greasy Pole

I’ve never quite worked out why people become politicians. You then spend your life being slagged off for being (mix and match) a. dishonest; b. corrupt; c. disloyal; d. grafting; e. power-crazed; and the f-ing list goes on.

Admit it, would you subject yourself to that degradation day after day?

The received wisdom is that they are self-serving nobodies who couldn’t earn a living any other way.

I can only speak for the UK, but most politicos are lawyers) (Labour); from the city(Conservative); usual lives (Liberal Democrats); or off the riffraff (BNP and any of the other strange types you could mention.)

Let’s work backwards, starting with power-crazed. We normally think of the short Austrian and his oblong mustache and his Black and Decker Power Complex. As a stereotype, something you can still see in Europe these days, especially if you’re Italian. Much more common elsewhere (Robert Mugabe springs to mind).

Grafting? Harder to achieve these days in the west. Too many journos ready to pounce on your stay at the Paris Hilton, apologies if that link leads to scantily clad women doing unfeasible things.

Corrupt? Made famous in several democracies, but would you try it now? Money for questions? Hey, the Hamiltons still make a living from it. Sad that a worthy college is linked by name only.

Which leads me to “dishonest.” The overwhelming criticism of all governments. If you were a politician, what would be your currency? Honesty.

Today’s Hutton Report fills me with hope. A government supported, the media subdued. More to come, I’m sure, but a result. Read it all here. Nuff said.

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