Pot Calls Kettle Blackarse

Labour MP Nick Palmer has run foul of the Mail on Sunday. Having shopped Tory MP Ann Winterton for telling a rather unfunny joke about the Chinese cocklers drowned at Morecambe Bay that led to her being sacked by her party, the MoS took its revenge for damaging one of their own by exposing Palmer as a “hypocrite” for sharing email jokes poking fun at Islam.

I mention this not to pass comment on either’s dubious sense of humour, but because I once new Palmer. Actually, “knew” is too strong a word – let’s say we were acquainted by post. One of Nicky’s interests (as he was known then) is wargaming, an interest I shared many years ago, and I still own one of the books he has written on the subject. His interest developed into play-by-mail gaming and he edited Flagship, a magazine on the subject which I read. As a result, we corresponded about which games he recommended which in turn led me into a hobby I’ve enjoyed for over 20 years.

My activities in PBM (or PBeM as it is today) are not what they were since you do need to devote chunks of time to enjoy it properly, but I still meet some of the many friends I have made as a consequence at least once a year. If you’re interested, try Crasiworld, particularly Nightfall.

Some would say that after the machinations of gaming, politics is easy!

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