Bye Bye Beeb

The latest, and last, Oxford and Cambridge boat race was aired by the BBC today. Good thing too, given the mess they made of it. Year on year, they’ve given us the words of the umpire, saying who was in the wrong, who should move over. Then in this, their last year, not a peep, just the un-dreaming spires language of the two coxes. (Or is that coxs or cocks?)

Anyway, there were two or three comings-together of the boats and Oxford lost it completely and never caught up. The Oxford cox claimed a foul, but was overruled by the (Cambridge-capped) umpire, Simon Harris, who said that the Oxford crew had been ordered to make way.

We shall never know. But perhaps we shall next year when ITV take over the tv rights. At least the worst is that you can’t finish worse than second place.

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  • Johnf122 29th April 2014

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