Smugness is as smugness does

A new look for the ‘Parrot.’ Thought I would take advantage of the templates from Blogger site. I’m not totally convinced about the black look and the new template still needs some tweaking. I’m even less convinced by the personal profile section – why is me being a Scorpio important, unless you’re Mystic Meg?

Coincidentally, the Daily Mail has finally, finally launched its website. They smugly tell us that they can “Now get even more of your favourite newspaper!” Sorry, this is 2004, and the DM has just got round to sharing itself with the world? Insular, or what? About par for its sad, lonely and angry world.

But to illustrate its dubious journalistic accuracy, how about this for a first day headline: Blair Defaint (sic) Over Leader’s Death? Sub-eds, as ever, mangling the message.

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