Purple Patch for Tony

Having a day off work, I thought I’d listen to Prime Minister’s Questions on the radio this afternoon. (What a saddo!) It’s usually good for a bit of a knockabout between TB and the oily leader of Her Madge’s opposition, but today’s session was even more eventful than usual when a couple of protesters from Fathers-4-Justice chucked condoms full of purple stained flour at Tone and Gordon (Bennett) Brown.

Of course, no one knew it was flour when it happened and there was a general stampede for the nearest exit, self-preservation being the politician’s trait. But it’s exactly what shouldn’t have happened. Had that been anthrax or ricin, our glorious leaders would have contaminated a large part of central London. Good job, guys.

What you’re supposed to do is stay put and wait for the emergency services to decontaminate you. Okay, so it’s counter-intuitive, but given the high-level fretting about terrorist attacks, you’d think our leaders would have been first in the queue for instruction as to how to respond to a chemical or biological attack. My guess is that such sessions were set-up, but none of them could be bothered to turn up.

The incident has called into question the effectiveness of the bullet-proof screen erected at great expense between the house and the visitor’s gallery and security in general. Some say it proves it just doesn’t work, so get rid of it, others say it shows that it needs to be extended, so throw up the barricades. All of which is a bit superfluous as the protestors were in the unprotected special visitor’s gallery, having bought their tickets in a charity auction, donated by Baroness Golding.

Bit of a loophole there, lads.

Derek Conway, the shadow spokes-bloke on homeland security, or some such, says that stopping determined people getting into such an old building can never be foolproof. How true. He and 658 other determined fools manage to sneak in every five years.

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