Ruud Gesture

I may be shinning out onto a limb here, but I don’t believe Ruud van Nistelrooy is heading for Real Madrid this summer. His whole body language after Man U’s FA Cup Final win said, “I’m part of this,”; not “So long, and thanks for all the dosh.” Certainly not like David Beckham’s last game at Old Trafford when everything about him said he wasn’t coming back.

Not that Ruud was the best player on the pitch today, even if he did get Sven Goran Erikson’s man of the match award. I wasn’t alone in being puzzled by that decision (ie anyone else who watched the game) in thinking that it should have gone to Christiano Ronaldo. His skill was amazing, and that right leg chip round left leg cross.. well you had to be there.

Nor was it that Millwall didn’t play well, or at least as well as they were able. Their game plan worked for most of the first half and could have smothered the game with five across the middle. Denis Wise never changes though. Sorry, the man’s a psychopath.

The usual north versus south banter amongst the fans of course. It reminded me of misheard footie chants by children, and a bloke who had a four-year-old running round the garden singing, “You dirty northern plasters!” Think I prefer it to the original as an insult.

But the best thing for me was that when Man U went to pick up the cup, all the players wore shirts with the number 36 in memory of Jimmy Davis, a United youngster killed in a car crash at the start of the season. The cup can’t make up for that, but a fitting tribute nonetheless.

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