No Schu-in

I have to confess that I’m no fan of Michael Schumacher. Okay, so he’s probably the best F1 driver there has ever been, but I’ll never forget how he deliberately ran Damon Hill out of the race in Adelaide in 1994 to deny the latter the championship and secure it for himself. Dashed unsporting, what?

As a result, I’ve been waiting for Schu to come a cropper ever since which he did today in remarkable circumstances. Monaco. Cars crashing through ‘furious and reckless driving.’ The safety car is out, and all the drivers have to do is follow in procession until the debris is cleared. What does Schu do? Only prangs his Ferrari into the wall of the tunnel, so trading his Ferrari for a Reliant Robin. Schu-schadenfreude, tee hee.

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