Streak of Naked Ambition

I was never much good at Subbuteo as a kid (preferring the more energetic and less skillful blow-football), nor did I take much interest in footie until I was in my teens, which explains why I never owned the game or ever hankered after a set and so it holds no nostalgia for me whatsoever. But I had to smile when I read that the enterprising and ambitious Tom Taylor has added new players to the game–in the shape of streakers. (Okay, hands up BBC, this isn’t really news, just a recycled story from 2001)

There are both male and female streakers, so no sexism here, and they are anatomically correct, albeit you need keen eyesight. And for a little extra money, you can also get a policeman with his helmet strategically positioned to cover the offending bits. Tom has even introduced new streaker rules to reflect the way that they might disrupt a game, and as his wife Sue says, “it happens in real life, so why not in Subbuteo?”

As an aside, I read on the web that the inventor of Subbuteo, Peter Adolph, named it after the Latin tag for his favourite bird, the hobby hawk, Subbuteo Falco. I think it more likely that he was simply referring to his “little hobby.”

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